We keep several hens and a couple toms in our breeding stock to provide new chicks each year. We do have a smaller breeding program. This ensures that the turkeys have enough space and are not overcrowded. Therefore, we only have a few turkeys each year to offer. Depending of when mama hen hatches her clutch they can be full grown near Thanksgiving or shortly after. We do not have a meat processing license and have to sell all turkeys "live." We do know a good poultry processor that is licensed and could organize a way to get the turkey to the processor for an additional fee to cover delivery charges. The turkey would then need to be picked up by you the customer from the processor.  If you would like to know about the availability please feel free to call or email. Most of the turkeys will be spoken for well before Thanksgiving, the processor will get booked as well, please take both of these into consideration when planning for receiving a turkey for a holiday dinner.

Turkeys (mostly full grown) can also be purchased for breeding stock. We are currently working on limiting our herd to Bourbon Reds, but still have a a couple different varieties on site. We may have Tom, hen, or both available to join your herd.

Price of heritage turkeys are dependent on feed costs throughout the year, while we hope to offer a fair price please keep in mind the feed we have chosen to feed our animals does not cut corners. This is to ensure the health of the animals, but also the health of those consuming them. Their meat will nourish a body not injure it with pesticide, herbicide, hormone, and anti-biotic residue.