Kunekunes are a type of grazing pig. Their name means "round and fat." However unlike commercial varieties kunekunes fatten and prefer to eat grass instead of grains that many pigs are fed today. Their temperaments are often docile and friendly. In fact a good belly rub is a favorite with our herd! They rarely challenge an electric fence if there is grass available (although they do occasionally fall into the belief that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and they may look for a way to get that "greener grass.") Their diet is not the only thing different with this breed, they also have different physical characteristics. One of these is their long hairy coats, which can sometimes even be curly. There coats can come in several different color combinations. Each litter of piglets can have a variety of different colors and/or spot patterns. The different colors they can present are blacks, browns, gingers, and creams. Some can be solid or some can have spots or be a combination of the colors. Kunekunes have shorter, upturned snouts, and are overall smaller then other breeds. The presence of this short, upturned snout causes the breed to not root as much in a pasture as long as they are supplied with plenty of grass and a place to cool off in the summer.  The presence of wattles can be found under their chin.