Many years of seeking what would best represent this land,

our family began cultivating these 4 acres in 2013. By spring of 2015, Crimson Acres was established and the blueberries were planted! We currently have 3.75 acres of blueberries, consisting of five different cultivars and a picking season from late June through August.  The cultivars that Crimson Acres offers are all Northern High Bush;


these produce large firm berries with a mild flavor, generally harvested end of June through the beginning of July. Duke berries are said to be the better freezer berries. Their flavor can intensify after being in the freezer for some time. So make sure you pick extra of these to enjoy all winter long!


these produce large firm berries that are sweet and have a concentrated flavor, generally harvested beginning of July through the end of July. Drapers have the longest fridge shelf life of our cultivars. Once picked if kept in the refrigerator unwashed they can stay firm and fresh for up to six weeks!

Top Shelf:

these produce the largest berries we offer, these also have a firm fruit that is juicy, generally harvested beginning of July through the end of July.


these produce large firm berries that are a bit tart and maintain their firmness and flavor even when frozen, generally harvested the end of July through the beginning of August.

Last Call:

these produce large blueberries with the classic "sweet blueberry" flavor, generally harvested the middle of August through the end of August.


The ripening of the blueberries is dependent upon the weather God blesses us with each year, and the dates for harvest can be moved up or back by a couple weeks if we have an early, warm spring or a late, colder spring. Watch the website for picking dates.

We offer u-pick on all varieties as they ripen, or orders can be placed for pre-picked berries.

At Crimson Acres we have plenty of graveled parking located right next to the blueberry fields, as well as picking containers to use or purchase, and a bathroom area.