Our goal is to provide the best life to these turkeys before they are harvested. This includes access to pasture year round.

Surprisingly, the winter does not seem to bother them to much, and after sleeping in a bit later they choose to venture outside bitter cold, snow or sunshine. In the summer they are often found dust bathing or lying in the shade of the willow trees.

 As spring time comes the hens begin looking for their "perfect spot" to lay their eggs (unfortunately not all are convinced that is the safety of the nesting boxes.) As long as the mama has not picked a spot that will bring her or her future babies danger she is allowed to nest wherever she deems best. We do our best to not interfere with their brooding and raising of their chicks by mama. Some are still learning to be good mamas and need help a time or two.  To ensure the flock is kept safe they are "put to bed" at night so they are all locked up tight!

80% of a heritage turkey's diet is grasses, which is why we ensure our turkeys have access to pasture year round. As the winter arrives and the grass begins to hibernate we begin to feed them alfalfa to keep their protein and green needs met. They are fed a diet of non-GMO grains (corn and soy free) that have been fermented to ensure that more of the grain's nutrients are absorbed by the turkey. As the weather allows the turkeys are also able to eat as many bugs they can find as possible, and may even be brought "bug" treats by kids.