This is Reggie he is our registered boar. He is a ginger color with black spots and he has 2 wattles. His hair is on the longer side and curly! He LOVES to be scratched and enjoys visitors! For a boar he is extremely gentle, patient, laidback, and has proved excellent with our children.


This is Dorothy, she is currently our registered breeding sow. She is extremely gentle! She is a talker, she loves to grunt or bark to tell you about her day and how much she appreciates the blueberry treats she gets, or to thank you for the belly rubs she gets. She also loves to talk to her babies! She is a patient and good mamma with her babies.  She is a black with white spots. In the sun you can see her black hair also has a reddish tint. Her hair is strait and coarse, and she also has 2 wattles. Here at Crimson Acres she has thrown babies with ginger, white, and black colored babies.


We have an active breeding program and may have piglets available at different times of the year. Please feel free to contact us if there are any currently available. Both parents are registered and we have the ability to register a piglet if you need, the cost to get the paperwork processed to register will be added to the sale price (unless contracted otherwise.) We do our best to provide the IKPR with litter notifications as we have them however, we do not register all the piglets unless we are asked to by the customer. We also raise some of the piglets to sell as meat once they are fully grown. These piglets/pigs get spoken for quickly so let us know (by email) if you would like on the waiting list. Our pigs are raised with pasture, non-GMO grains (corn and soy free) and natural vitamin supplements.  We do our utmost best to limit any medications, but ultimately take the pigs health as the primary concern. We will require a deposit to hold your pig. It generally can take up to 15 months for a piglet to reach full grown weight. Remember the KuneKune is a smaller breed and are normally about half the size of a larger breed pig, which means it is a much more manageable amount of meat at once.