When am I able to pick in the blueberry fields?

Heat plays a role in the ability to pick quality fruit, therefore we will post our hours of operation on our website and keep them updated throughout the picking season. If you have any questions regarding whether or not picking is open, give us a call. If you are driving by and see our open flags out come on by!

What is the price for organic blueberries?

-There is no fee for entry or parking

-The u-pick price is $3.50 per pound (if 20+ lbs. are picked we will reduce the rate to $3.25 per pound.)

-If you would like to order blueberries that are freshly picked that day the price is $5.00 per pound.

- We offer a 15% discount to senior citizens, please let us know if we can apply this discount to your berries!

Do I need to bring containers to pick the blueberries?

No, we will supply containers to use while picking in the fields free of charge, however you will need to supply containers to take your blueberries home in, or purchase some from us at checkout. The best containers to take them home in are shallow, that way the weight of the blueberries are not squishing the berries on the bottom.


What forms of payment do you except?

We currently accept cash and debit/credit cards. We do charge a 4% fee for all card use.

Are pets allowed?

No, because of the food/handling safety guidelines we follow we have a strict no outside pets on the farm policy. Please do not bring your pets onto our premises at all!

How should I store my blueberries once I have gotten them home?

Your blueberries will do best if they are cooled down immediately. Although a room temperature blueberry has the most flavor, they do not retain the firmness or quality at room temperature for long. They should not be washed until you plan on eating them as it will take the "bloom" off (white like film) this bloom is what helps the blueberry stay fresher longer. Since the blueberries you have picked are organic they are safe to eat even if you forget to wash them before digging in! They will store in the refrigerator for about two weeks. If you plan to freeze them, lay them out washed on a cookie sheet so they can all freeze individually into hard frozen balls at this point you can transfer them to a bag or container to protect them in the freezer. Taking the extra step to freeze them individually first will ensure they do not clump together into a big blueberry ball.  Blueberries will last in the freezer for up to a year. Also it has been found that a frozen blueberry does not lose its health benefits as some other foods when frozen, so pick enough to enjoy all year round!

How do I know which blueberries are ripe and ready to eat?

With five different cultivars on site, it is important that you only pick the blueberries in the marked rows/areas. Blueberries in other rows make look ready, but the last few days are what increase their sugar content and give you the desired taste you are looking for. We are careful to only allow picking when the blueberries are truly ripe and delicious! Each blueberry bush will have its berries ripen over a span of a couple weeks. In order to find the ripe blueberries, look for deep blue colored berries with a "bloom" (white like film), when you grab the berry it should just fall off into your hand, if you have to pull on it, it is not quite ready! If you have any questions or need help finding what the ripened fruit looks like, just ask and we would be happy to show you!

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