The Pacific Northwest is a great place to grow blueberries.

 Because of our hot dry weather, many of the diseases and pest problems that blueberries encounter are not as prevalent as in other areas that are known for growing blueberries. This means that less chemicals and additives are needed to provide a delicious crop of berries each year. Crimson Acres is a certified organic farm, and all the organic guidelines are strictly followed. This ensures that none of the blueberries you have picked have been sprayed with a non-organic pesticide or herbicide. They are safe to eat straight from the bush! We use management tools such as hand weeding, mowing, and mulching to lessen the amount of any sprays needed.

 Further we use fertigation to fertilize our farm, this means that all the organic fertilizer/nutrients applied to the plants is done through the ground irrigation again ensuring that none of the fertilizer comes in contact with the berries you take home!

   Crimson Acres is also GAP Certified which means we are annually inspected to ensure we are actively following food safety and handling measures. Before we allow harvest to begin we look for possible contamination threats amongst both our blueberries and harvest fields and ensure these are quickly resolved before harvest occurs.

We are sometimes asked why we choose to certify ourselves as it can be costly towards the farmer. While there are significant costs and extra work that is required to continue our certification, we desire to continue to provide transparent accountability to our loyal customers.  Both of these certifications ensure that we can supply you, as a u-picker, the safest (as far as food contamination) and most nutritious (following a natural growing practice and being certified organic) blueberries in your local area. Both of these certifications require annual field inspections as well as lengthy paperwork inspections. The passing of these inspections gives the consumer the confidence that we are actually doing what we have promised. This accountability we believe is important and valuable in the society we live today.