Blueberries are a powerful, healthy snack.

Though they are a small fruit they rank in the top 20 of the fruits/vegetables that contain the most nutrients per calorie. Blueberries like other similarly colorful fruits/vegetables contain antioxidants. Specifically in blueberries, the powerhouse they contain is called an anthocyanin, this antioxidant is responsible for inhibiting tumors, preventing and slowing particular types of cancer, preventing the plaque blockage in the arteries, and overall boosting heart health, as well as helping protect the retina of the eye from sun damage.  It has also been studied and found that eating blueberries can help improve short term memory loss as well as preventing the memory problems often associated with age.

Several of the diseases and conditions Americans face today are a result of chronic inflammation in our bodies, this inflammation can be a result of varying factors, some including stress, lack of quality sleep, and poor diets. A huge contributor to chronic inflammation is pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals that fill the world we live amongst. Throughout our supermarkets the food we can choose from is packed with pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals and preservatives. These unnatural ingredients put continual stress on our bodies and vital organs, eventually leading to chronic inflammation which can be seen in the forms of arthritis, asthma, Alzheimer's, joint problems, chronic fatigue, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders, and mental and emotional imbalances. At Crimson Acres we want to help fight this battle against unhealthy diet choices that puts your body at risk in the long run. Our blueberries are not exposed to these chemicals that can cause chronic inflammation to occur in the body. Another great health benefit of the blueberry is the antioxidants ability to help reduce inflammation. When you pick blueberries at Crimson Acres the blueberries will not have inflammation causing chemicals on them, but they will also help your body fight the existing inflammation you may have.

Lastly a great fact is that when you freeze the blueberries it will not do any damage to this amazing antioxidant, a frozen blueberry will have the same vast health benefits as a fresh one from the bush, so make sure you pick enough to enjoy all year round!

Nutritional Facts of 1 Cup of Blueberries

Calories----------- 84


Protein------------1.1 g

Fat-----------------.49 g

Carbohydrates--21 g

Dietary Fiber----3.6

Vitamin C-------- 24% DV

Manganese-----25% DV

Vitamin B6-------5%

Vitamin K---------36%


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